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How to Get Page One Google Search Engine Rankings Orlando Web Design, Orlando Website Creation, Orlando SEO, Orlando Video Creation with Video Rankings in Google Search Engine Using SEO Techniques

Dear Friend,

Every local business needs traffic and you can get this by paying for traffic or by getting free traffic.

I'm Robert Reuter "Black Belt Bob" and live in Orlando Florida area and can help your business dominate the google search engines.

Let me prove to you below how I can help your business in the local search engines and get free traffic.

People are using the internet for there shopping needs and if you own a business and rely on foot traffic then your relying on old school mentality.

You probably pay for a yellow page listing which is old school.

You probably pay for classified newspaper advertising, coupon advertising, radio advertising and even TV advertising which disappear in a flash. Many big newspapers are going out of business and filing for bankruptcy because people prefer to get there information online.

Why not have your business rank on page one in goole for free. Why not create videos explaining what benefits your business has to offer and put that video on your website teaching people. The video is like preselling your business sevices online with no pressure on the visiting customer.

You need to have a website and have that website rank on page one in Google.

You need to dominate the local search engine business so you get the majority of the traffic.

The key is to rank for what people are typing in the search engines.

So if you own a dog grooming business then a typical person might type in the city like Orlando Dog Grooming

People type in what they are searching for example:

orlando haircut

orlando car dealer

orlando restaurants

orlando night clubs

orlando construction

orlando web design

orlando seo

orlando video creation

What if I could help your business anywhere in the world get on page one in the google search engine with SEO or search engine optimization techiques?

What if I could create a power point video for your company and submit that video to 17 video sites and have all the videos point back to your site with a backlink. What if the video itself gets a google page 1 ranking would you like that.

Then you could take the youtube video embed code and put your video on your website.

I could create that video for you and do all the work for you to get you google page one rankings.

Here's what I can do for you even though I'm in Orlando I can help your business no matter what state or country you live in. Below are some of the services I offer:

  • Orlando Video Creation and Submission to 17 Video Sites
  • Orlando Website Creation
  • Orlando Web Design
  • Orlando SEO
  • Orlando Blog Creation
  • Orlando Custom Video

There are video experts who will charge you $3,000 to create a 30 second video and that's all you get.

If you want me to create a video I will only charge you $500 to $750 plus I will submit your video to 17 video sites getting your video in the search engines with backlinks to your website and I will install the video on your website. This is a great bargain for what you get.

My prices below are an introduction price and will change once I start to get busy so take advantage of my rates before the price increases.

Orlando Video Creation for SEO Domination

Cost - $500 per video, includes creating the power point video, submitting to 17 video sites and putting the video on your website.

You supply me with the images you want to use for your business or website along with the main selling benefits you want to communicate to your customer.

I will create a power point video based on what you send me and then submit that video to 17 video sites with links pointing back to your website for backlink.

Cost - $750 if you have streaming video you already created and want me to add a professional look and feel with audio overlay and submit to 17 video sites and put the video on your website.

The main benefit is to have a video that describes what your business will do for your customers and then have that video on your website not to mention having 17 video sites with backlinks to your site.

If you live in Orlando, Florida area and want me to come to your business I can record your computer screen with your voice talking over the video for an additional fee.

Here's a few ideas. What if you wanted to create a training video for your employees from the computer screen. Well let me come to your business and record your computer monitor to create the video.

Case Study - I created 30 videos, step by step video training for a medical doctor. The doctor had problems with employees quitting and having to retrain each new employee. The doctor did not even know how to run the office software. The doctor was focused on patient management not business management.

I video taped what the secretary had to do for her job and what the office manager did for his job. This way if somebody quit the doctor could not be held hostage to an employee.

If you hired a new secretary today, she would have to make appointments but how do you teach her if you don't even know how the software works?

If you had to hire a business manager to submit all your insurance claims and she quit how would you submit bills if you dont know how the software works?

What if I created a video tutorial on how to use the software and then you would never be held hostage to employees who quit suddenly.

Below are some videos I created. I think I made over 30 videos for the doctor to protect her business from employees quitting on her.

  1. How to login to the medical software to book appointments
  2. How to bill insurance companies
  3. How to look up insurance companies
  4. How to set up follow up appointments
  5. How to look up the history of the patient
  6. In other words every critical task the secretary did was recorded so when a new employee came in we could load up the cd and she could watch the step by step video training.

If you want me to create a series of video tutorials like step by step training then I can give you a good package deal. I will have to come to your business to create the videos so each job time and distance will be the variables.

I will give you a great package deal if you want SEO and video creation so it depends what you want to accomplish.

Orlando SEO Search Engine Optimization Homepage Ranking Proof of Google Page One Domination Below:

If you want your homepage or any page to rank on page one in Google than I can do this service for you. Your page one rank will determine the competitive nature of your niche market and there is no guarantee your page will stay on page one of google because they are constantly changing there alogrithmns.

Here are a few examples of my websites that rank on page one in Google search engine. I want you to type in the google search query

Best Research Software - Number 1 organic ranking. Look at top right of page out of 108 millon competitors.


Article Advertising - Number 2 organic ranking. Look at top right of page out of 212 millon competitors.


Super Affiliate TV - Double Google Rankings Number 1 & 2 organic ranking. Look at top right of page out of 9 millon competitors.


Ask Car Expert - My brand new blog ranking fast Number 4 Google organic ranking. Look at top right of page out of 20 millon competitors.


Social Media Science Bonus - My Brand New Website Dominates Google Page One with #1 Spot Double Rankings Spots In 2 Weeks.


Social Media Science Review - My Brand New Website Dominates Google Page One with 6 Spots Out of 10 Spots In 2 Weeks. My 4 Videos Outrank My Actual Website Amazing Search Engine Optimization! WoW Out of 189 Million Competitors

Orlando Web Design, Orlando Website Creation or Orlando Blog Creation

If you own a small business and want to create an online website then I can create your website for you as long as you keep it simple and no flash. Take a look at some of the websites I created below. If you have your own website template you like, then let me take a look at it for a quote.

Remember, I keep my sites basic and my screen photos above prove my #1 rankings in google search engines.

Here's what I can do for you:

Create Your website - cost to set up the website $500 for basic if you give me the content you want on your website and the images. This includes search engine optimizing so you get page 1 google rankings is the goal depending on the competiton of your niche. If you want to guarantee page 1 ranking then I will have to charge you $250 more for page one ranking, but it depends on the niche competion? If you want a more complex site with multiple pages then I can give you a package deal. Like if you want 5 more pages to your website then $150 per page includes SEO. So I'm flexible and can taylor your website based on your needs and budget so let's talk first.

Create a Blog - A blog is easier for a person to manage there website because you can manage and edit posts from the blog admin panel with no uploading using ftp. All uploading done within the blog itself. Blogs are great at for ranking in seo and google loves blog fresh content.

A basic blog will cost you $500. If you want a blog like www.AskCarExpert.com with 5 rotating images then this blog is more complicated and takes time to create and will cost $1,000.

Combination Website and Basic Blog - will cost $1,000

Create an email management & website capture form & Autorepsonder - so you can have customers give you there name and email. Then I will set up a series of email autoresponders to follow up and show you how to do broadcast emails. You will need to pay the email management company $189 per year but its the best service for Cann Spam law protection and email management. I personally use this service. You will need to create the emails and I will load them into the system for you.

Cost to set up email mangement campaign $300 includes putting web form on your homepage.

How to Get Massive Traffic with Google Orando Pay Per Click or PPC - If you want to pay for traffic then I can set up your Pay Per Click campaign based on your budget or called PPC.

If you have an advertising budget and want to pay google for traffic then let me set up your google ppc traffic.

I will find the keywords based on your business and setup your google adwords account. Then I create the google ads that show up in the search engines. Sometimes you can get 5 cents per click and each keyword and niche competition determines the price you pay per click.

Depending on what your advertising budget I could set up a basic Google PPC campaign for $1,000 and then a management fee per month if you want me to manage the campaign.

You can set daily advertising limits to protect you so we need to tweak the PPC campaign.

We will split test ads to see what ad is converting better.

The advantage of PPC is instant traffic like in a few hours from now.

Banner Advertising - Also, if you want to set up Banner Campaigns at Myspace advertising then I can create the banner and set up your Banner pay per click for $1,300 or you may want to advertise banners on the google content network.

PPC to CPA Offers - If you want to setup a Google PPC campaign to CPA offers I can set this up for you. This is like Google Arbitrage and advanced traffic brokering techniques.

If you have some money to invest and want to partner with me on a small fee to set up and profit sharing split then let me set up a cpa campaign. We will need to test like 10 campaigns to find the winning campaign.

We could test the 10 campaigns with $250 budget then scale the winning campaigns. I know some guys who are making $50,000 per day with this techinique but have a team and huge ad budget.

Take some money out of the stock market and invest in a ppc cpa campaign. There is minimal risk to testing however no guarantees either.

If you want to ask me any questions feel free to call me. I guarantee you will be very happy with my work and your results.

Remember if your in Orlando I can come to your business location for a fee.

Robert Reuter 941-312-7676

email is bob at robert reuter dot com and use @ for at and . for dot



"Robert Reuter "Black Belt Bob" Martial Arts Expert & CEO of Reuter Publishing.com & Black Belt Publishing.com!"

World Famous Leaders in Audio, Video, Digital, PDF, eBook, and Multimedia Distribution...

Robert Reuter "Black Belt Bob" Bio

By Robert Reuter, BS BestResearchSoftware.com
ReuterPublishing.com and BlackBeltPublishing.com

Robert Reuter, BS "Black Belt Bob" was born to a family with one little brother and no sisters. My little brother was born with Cerebral Palsey and had about 13 operations on his legs. He had one leg shorter and walked crooked and kids used to tease him.

At an early age I realized how gifted we are to be able to use our bodies for everyday functions. My little brother attended 4 years of college and graduated with a social worker degree to help those people with needs just like him. I remember he would answer hotlines for the crisis center.

My brother died at the age of 33 from stomach cancer leading me to research on what natural whole foods could prevent disease and heal the body naturally without drugs. My dad died from lung, liver, brain cancer from all the cigarettes he smoked compounded by the smoke he inhaled as a Chicago Fireman.

Robert Reuter "Black Belt Bob" was the first person on both sides of my family to go to a 4 year college and graduate. My mom only has an 8th grade education and my dad retired Chicago Fireman and Carpentar had a GED.

My parents were not educated and stressed I study hard to go to college or I would be a blue collar laborer most likely busting my back. They paid for me to go to a private Catholic High School which I attended 4 years.

When I was little I loved to go work on new homes that my dad was building picking up the wood scraps and sweeping and he would say if you don't go to college you will be picking up wood like him not really using your brain only your body. I remember my dad saying he will pay for my college and if I don't want to go I would have to be on my own at age 18. I choose the path to college and he paid for my education.

I started Martial Arts at age 13 studying Karate barely doing 3 pushups going into High School fearing the unknown. Awarded Black Belt at the age of 16 USKA Grand Nationals in Chicago. Developed the confidence, respect and discipline to work hard and stay focused on goals.

Robert Reuter "Black Belt Bob" attended Illinois State University and joined the Tae Kwon Do team studying 4 years under Master Nam K. Hyong 2 time Korean Silver Medalist in Korea and a doctorate in sports psychology.

Robert Reuter, BS was awarded Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do at age 19. Robert Reuter graduated with a double major in Occupational Safety and Construction Technology with a minor in Business Administration in 4 years while working part time. He was a member of fraternity Delta Sigma Phi.

Robert Reuter "Black Belt Bob" then studied Aikido and awarded Brown Belt from Aikido 8th Degree Master Sensei Tohei in Chicago.

The reason I excelled in Martial Arts is because of my brother having cerebral palsey. I saw how his legs were so I took advantage of my legs and pushed my self to the maximum limits. The majority of people take their god given talents and just waste them not even trying. Look at how many people are overweight and just don't want to exercise which is self inflicted?

I love to research finding information that has been hidden and suppressed from the masses. Therefore, I created a website BestResearchSoftware.comto help educate those who want to seek the path of truth.

The other website I created based on my research focuses on natural whole foods to help prevent disease and heal the body so I would never get cancer. I believe you need to become your own doctor by educating yourself. The secrets of life are very simple, not complicated and are inside each one of you if you search within because the answers your looking for out there and not there? Here is the location of my health websiteWholefood-Doctor.com

My good friend is Don Tolman a world renowned photographic memory expert and is the smartest person in the world at least that's my opinion. Don Tolman has created the Healthiest Food In The World Called Phi Plus WholeFoodDoctor.WholeFoodFarmacy.com

My favortie book in the world to read is the Bible and especially Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.

I love to water ski backwards barefoot, lifting weights and working out in martial arts.


My websites are designed to help the visitor seek the truth and encourages you to keep researching. If your looking for an education based on the rote learning taught in all schools then your in the wrong place.

Here are some more websites that I own and created below just click the blue link.

BestResearchSoftware.com - 38,400% faster keyword researh

BestKeywordSoftware.com - I will give you FREE software

BookCoverOmatic.com - How design digital 3D covers

MicrosoftBlackBelt.com - Video Tutorials


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I want to give you information you can use right this second and get immediate results because I believe there is no tomorrow only this very second by second that is passing by, so always be in the present moment or reality.

To your success,

Robert Reuter, B.S. "Black Belt Bob"

Black Belt Karate Age 16

Black Belt TKD Age 19

Brown Belt Aikido





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