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By Robert Reuter, BS and

Robert Reuter, BS "Black Belt Bob" was born to a family with one little brother and no sisters. My little brother was born with Cerebral Palsey and had about 13 operations on his legs. He had one leg shorter and walked crooked and kids used to tease him.

At an early age I realized how gifted we are to be able to use our bodies for everyday functions. My little brother attended 4 years of college and graduated with a social worker degree to help those people with needs just like him. I remember he would answer hotlines for the crisis center.

My brother died at the age of 33 from stomach cancer leading me to research on what natural whole foods could prevent disease and heal the body naturally without drugs. My dad died from lung, liver, brain cancer from all the cigarettes he smoked compounded by the smoke he inhaled as a Chicago Fireman.

Robert Reuter "Black Belt Bob" was the first person on both sides of my family to go to a 4 year college and graduate. My mom only has an 8th grade education and my dad retired Chicago Fireman and Carpentar had a GED.

My parents were not educated and stressed I study hard to go to college or I would be a blue collar laborer most likely busting my back. They paid for me to go to a private Catholic High School which I attended 4 years.

When I was little I loved to go work on new homes that my dad was building picking up the wood scraps and sweeping and he would say if you don't go to college you will be picking up wood like him not really using your brain only your body. I remember my dad saying he will pay for my college and if I don't want to go I would have to be on my own at age 18. I choose the path to college and he paid for my education.

I started Martial Arts at age 13 studying Karate barely doing 3 pushups going into High School fearing the unknown. Awarded Black Belt at the age of 16 USKA Grand Nationals in Chicago. Developed the confidence, respect and discipline to work hard and stay focused on goals.

Robert Reuter "Black Belt Bob" attended Illinois State University and joined the Tae Kwon Do team studying 4 years under Master Nam K. Hyong 2 time Korean Silver Medalist in Korea and a doctorate in sports psychology.

Robert Reuter, BS was awarded Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do at age 19. Robert Reuter graduated with a double major in Occupational Safety and Construction Technology with a minor in Business Administration in 4 years while working part time. He was a member of fraternity Delta Sigma Phi.

Robert Reuter "Black Belt Bob" then studied Aikido and awarded Brown Belt from Aikido 8th Degree Master Sensei Tohei in Chicago.

The reason I excelled in Martial Arts is because of my brother having cerebral palsey. I saw how his legs were so I took advantage of my legs and pushed my self to the maximum limits. The majority of people take their god given talents and just waste them not even trying. Look at how many people are overweight and just don't want to exercise which is self inflicted?

I love to research finding information that has been hidden and suppressed from the masses. Therefore, I created a website BestResearchSoftware.comto help educate those who want to seek the path of truth.

The other website I created based on my research focuses on natural whole foods to help prevent disease and heal the body so I would never get cancer. I believe you need to become your own doctor by educating yourself. The secrets of life are very simple, not complicated and are inside each one of you if you search within because the answers your looking for out there and not there? Here is the location of my health
Note: This is the first website I ever created, Ugly I know, but have to start somewhere...

My good friend is Don Tolman a world renowned photographic memory expert and is the smartest person in the world at least that's my opinion. Don Tolman has created the Healthiest Food In The World Called Phi Plus

My favortie book in the world to read is the Bible and especially Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.

I love to water ski backwards barefoot, lifting weights and working out in martial arts.


My websites are designed to help the visitor seek the truth and encourages you to keep researching. If your looking for an education based on the rote learning taught in all schools then your in the wrong place.

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I want to give you information you can use right this second and get immediate results because I believe there is no tomorrow only this very second by second that is passing by, so always be in the present moment or reality.

To your success,

Robert Reuter, B.S. "Black Belt Bob"

Black Belt Karate Age 16

Black Belt TKD Age 19

Brown Belt Aikido


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